Your Favorite Columbia Movers
With years of experience, we created    Our professional movers know     We truly care alot for you.
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move your boxes. We will work hard     without damaging not even single   boxes but to make the last
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face throughout your move.                Even, dare we say, make it fun.   good as your first in the new one.
We know - Moving to/from Maryland could be quite a big task to manage. Don’t Worry
DC Local Movers is here to help you all through your move.
Columbia Movers is a full-service moving and packing company. Hire us and we will give you a cheapest plan. We do pack your stuff. You don’t have to run here and there for packing material. Just Call Us and we will provide you exact size, shape boxes to pack all kind of delicate items.
We are different from other Columbia Moving Companies
Do you know why we stand out from all Local Movers in MD? Let’s share with you!

  • You only have to pay for the time we are moving with you, and that’s our minimum hourly rate.
  • No hidden costs, our rates our transparent and we charge up-front.
  • We’re always on time, every time.
  • We only hire highly trained professionals, those owe responsibility of your moving stuff as if it’s their own. This improves the efficiency or their work. 
  • You’ll find shinny trucks, neat and clean moving staff dressed up in uniform.    

Packing Services/Materials
For all of you who find packing as a stressful job will love to pack with us. Trained team of packers is well known with norms of handling and crating of fine art, marble, antiques and pianos.
Don’t worry for your antiques, pianos, art moving, pool tables and Grandfather clock. We can pack and unpack your kitchen, precious clothes, electronics, furniture, etc.

  • Supply boxes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Assorted tape
  • Packing paper
  • Cartons
  • Wrapping straps
  • Portable cupboards
  • Bungee cords

Just Call Us to learn more about our packing services and packing supplies. Our packing rates and supplies are the best as compared to other moving companies in the area.

Columbia Movers Storage Facility

We have our own warehouses all over important places of DC, VA and MD. If you need to store your belongings at secure place, we will provide you the facility where you could reclaim your stuff upon arrival. You can rent our storage service by just filling out some details of your unwanted stuff to keep as long as you require. We offer customized rates after our store in charge decides about the space required for storing your belongings. You can plan a free visit to one of our warehouse for your satisfaction.
Local Charges, Hourly Rates and Travel Time
If you plan to move within the city then rates will be charged on hourly basis. Packing Material cost will be charged separately. You will not get any surprises in shape of hidden cost like some extra charges for loading/unloading from 2nd or 3rd floor of building or for any weekends. We evaluate every move before presenting you a quote. As we collect your requirements we easily can present you with exact number of movers and the size of truck. Basic structure of any move is to work with three man crew, it depends upon circumstances of the moving job. Like if you’re moving to/from triple story building then it may require a 4 member crew to complete the loading/unloading. If you move consists of hourly rates, then the work time starts as our staff members arrives at your location. It ends up with the completion of the job until all the items are unloaded and our crew is ready to leave. It usually takes half hour to reach the location depending upon the availability of our staff at the nearest place of moving location. Travel time is added in the time of completion of your move.
Enjoy a stress-free moving experience with Columbia Local Movers
We possess a huge and successful record of moving both commercial and residential projects and by far no other company has been able to outdo our expertise in this field. We are always ready for your help, you just need to contact our 24/7 available customer care staff to discuss your concerns and we promise to deliver you with the best package deal for your moving job.
For more information and FREE Estimate please call us at toll free (866) 977 3279 or Email us at:

For more information about local moves please use in our online estimate form or contact us 866.298.8121