Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD

Who says moving has to be complicated?

Affordable Rates – Professional Movers – Variety of Truck Sizes

DC Local Movers has been serving as one of the leading local moving companies in Maryland. With around 20 years in this business Beltsville Mover is seeking to guarantee highest standards of customer satisfaction. We are one of very few local movers in the MD area from whom you can expect an excellent quality service even with low budget moves. Our services are not just restricted for local, residential, or commercial but you can count of us in need of packing supplies and storage facility.

We eliminate all the complex options from your move and make it look as simple as it should be! By taking down your requirements, we present you with a moving plan that best suit your budget. We don’t surprise you with any “Hidden Cost Policy”, as we make sure our moving plan explains every aspect and cost that may occur during the move.

Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD


Finding a reputable and reliable moving company is definitely a tough task to do. But it is the most important and first step to perform for a stress free moving experience. So, how to choose from so many companies that meets your moving requirements.
The answer is here with us!- DC Local Movers is the right company to move with!-There are many reasons to choose us. Our customer’s reviews are like oxygen for our work. Mostly new business comes from “Word of Mouth”. Our increasing number of repeating customers is a trademark of excellent professional service history. We our rated as one of the highly reputed moving company in DC, MD and VA.

Movers!  Packers!  Storage

Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD
What kind of moving services you’re looking for? We at Beltsville MD Local Movers have moved hundreds of families & businesses for nearly TWO decades.  So you want to pack by yourself!- Just want us to move to your new home/office or looking to store your unwanted households. Beltsville MD Local Movers is here for you with over dozens of storage locations in almost every important city like Arlington, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Columbia, and Adams Morgan.
Want to pack by yourself or need a reliable company that can provide you cheap but quality packing supplies/material and help you pack your precious belongings safely with care. You’re at the doorstep of fulfilling all your moving needs.

Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD

We at Beltsville Local Movers facilitate our customers with a complete/customize moving solution. If your move is just near your residence or workplace, then we will charge you for packing and transportation including the duration to/from the desired location. Our packing supply includes- Portable wardrobe, customized boxes to pack specific items, padded boxes to keep your delicate items safe from any breakage during transportation and unloading. Special discounts are available to our repeat customers.
Cost of our customize packages will give you the best value of your money. Sometimes our rates may be higher than those who are offering cheaper moving service, in fact- we have some of the most skilled & discipline staff, spacious trucks, latest moving equipment, no hidden charges are some of rich features that keeps us on top of other companies in the industry.

Move with Confidence

Credibility is that generates referral clients. We owe reputation of increasing number of repeating customers. Quality Moving Services- This is what our crew takes oath of! You’re not satisfied with the moving companies quotes- We’ll make a customize relocation package for you that best suits your budget. Packing to Storage!- We’re a one stop shop for your stress free move. We provide best cheap rates yet affordable for us. But, cheap rates will not make you to think “cheap rates deliver cheap things”.  We don’t compromise on our goals to retain the credibility of being “the top moving company in town”.

Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD
Local Charges, Hourly Rates and Travel Time
We charge hourly rates for local moves. Packing material cost is not included in hourly rates, it’s charged separately. We don’t surprise you with any hidden cost in shape of extra charges for loading/unloading from 2nd or 3rd floor of building or for any weekends.

We evaluate every move before presenting you a quote. Basic structure of any move is to work with three-man crew, it depends upon circumstances of the moving job. Like if you’re moving to/from triple story building then it may require a 4-member crew to complete the loading/unloading. If you move consists of hourly rates, then the work time starts as our staff members arrives at your location.

It ends up with the completion of the job until all the items are unloaded and our crew is ready to leave. It usually takes half hour to reach the location depending upon the availability of our staff at the nearest place of moving location. Travel time is added in the time of completion of your move.

ependability, affordability, and experience, there are so reasons why you should choose Beltsville Movers for your move, but our customers keep giving us these three as the biggest reasons to use

We are a Beltsville MD based moving company that is approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and meets all certification, licensing, and insurance requirements.
For more information and FREE Estimate please call us at toll free 202-469-3728 or Email us at:

Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD

Beltsville MD Local Movers Local Apartment Moving Beltsville MD