Most Referred Mover in Fairfax VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers
Over 20 Years of Residential, Commercial, Apartment, Long Distance Moving & Storage Experience
Fairfield VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers
Fairfield Movers has over 20 years of moving and storage experience, no matter you’re moving single room apartment, entire business setup from a second or third level (story) building or planning a move to new home. We make sure you transit in a smooth way.
Benefits of using Fairfield Local Movers:

    • Free moving quote with personal visit from our consultant if required to determine requirements of the move.
    • Ddiscipline staff in properly labeled uniform. Fully trained to handle any kind of moving job. Drivers are well aware of their local area move.

Fairfield VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers

  • Packing boxes of various shapes and sizes. Clean trucks with spacious place to fit all type of heavy furniture or electronic items.
  • Courteous staff to help you throughout the moving job even after you get settle in case you’re not familiar with the new location.

Fairfield VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers
No Reason to Look Further! We Provide, Best Service! Best Quality! We Don’t Charge Extra For…
Fairfield Movers strives to deliver its customers one-step ahead what other moving companies can just think of! We are aware of fact that many families can’t afford high cost services, infect they wonder to find good quality service within affordable cost. We provide Best Possible Price with the Best Possible Service.
We work for You! We create opportunities to shop our competitors for you so you won’t have to spend your time and energy. We are one of the only moving company that won’t charge you for….

  • Loading/unloading from stairs or steps or basements
  • House, office, apartment at second levels, second stories, third stories or basements
  • Usage of extra packing material for fragile items
  • Distance between truck & entrance for unloading/unloading the furniture
  • Use of elevators
  • Travel time, mileage between the first & second locations
  • Disassemble & reassemble of furniture

Fairfield VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers
Our asset is the list of our satisfied customer. We take pride to lead a sweet team that strives to deliver a perfect moving experience to the most demanding customers. From the time you call until we assemble the very last box, every move is done under supervision of a moving consultant to maintain high standards of quality so you move with pleasure and comfort.
Fairfield Residential Moving Services

  • We blanket wrap items before loading in truck
  • Crating service for securing breakable items
  • Packing material
  • Packing antique items, special fine art and marble crafting
  • Free moving consultancy
  • Free moving quotes
  • Maintain inventory
  • Disciplined, uniformed staff always appear on time
  • Highly referred mover in Fairfield
  • Customer representative available even on federal holidays
  • Same day Service

Fairfield Mover & Packers
Fairfield Local Movers is the most trusted Moving & Storage Company of Virginia since 1994. We strive to focus on our client’s unique packing & storage needs by our monthly customer review program. Our employees are brand ambassadors for DC Local Movers! We spend lot of time and money on their training sessions so to get the best out of them as they serve in the field for 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Fairfield Mover team was not just build for moving, in fact, we love to be your friend, guide you in your relocation and provide you with moving solutions that you need.
Valuable Moving Tips
· Make a list of unwanted items you don’t want to take with you. Donate those to charitable organizations. Disconnect or transfer newspaper, electricity, water, gas services.
· Safely dispose of all flammables items, drain fuels and oil from all power equipment.
· Check if all electronic items are in working condition then unplug them.
· Make sure all drawers, cupboards are clear and keep valuable jewelry in your own custody.
· Check the inventory sheet in your presence in order to avoid any unforeseen act.
· We suggest to have furniture layout planned before arriving to new location.
For more information and FREE Estimate please call us at toll free 202-469-3728 or Email us at:

Fairfield VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers

Fairfield VA Local Movers Local Moving Company Apartment Movers